Apex Health Services delivers "Unparalleled Equipment & Transition Solutions"
to the healthcare industry.

Apex provides all the services you require to complement your in-house capabilities. We work exclusively in the healthcare field, and we are quickly becoming THE "Go-To" firm for professional healthcare transitions. We are patient-focused, operating with coordinated precision that focuses on minimizing downtime and mitigating risk. We know there are up to 300 tasks in any given hospital facilities project and every task has to be accounted and managed. Our initial step is to meet with your leading players to discuss your project and your timeline - then we start developing a plan specific to your individual needs.

Apex Health Services is an environmentally friendly company.

Our infectious control initiatives include using plastic, reusable relocation gondolas and tote bins, rather than cardboard boxes.

The sanitized bins we use are made of recycled plastic and are capable of being disinfected over and over. Our infectious control initiatives are the first priority in every aspect of our services. We understand the most important item in providing any service in the healthcare industry is the health of the patient. Infection Control initiatives drive our decision-making process in all services offered. By having this mindset, our customers save money by having healthier patients and as an additional byproduct reducing the negative impact cardboard boxes have on the environment.

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