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Apex HealthTrak Is How We Get It Right Every Time

Staff | 09/20/2022

As pioneers in the healthcare-relocation industry, we are always searching for ways to make our services better and more efficient for our clients. Years ago, this led us to develop our own technology to make sure that we get every detail of your transition right. We created Apex HealthTrak.

Apex HealthTrak is a cloud-based software system that offers security and peace of mind. Every piece of equipment coming into your warehouse is inventoried and tracked, providing strict chain of custody to mitigate risk and loss.

  • Each item is documented, photographed and date/time-stamped, including the owner’s ID and sign-off.
  • Apex HealthTrak offers 24/7 visibility so you can monitor your inventory from your mobile devices or desktop.
  • When it’s time to deliver, place and install your equipment in your new facility, the process is expedited with Apex HealthTrak’s photographic and room-mapping documentation.


A few snapshots of how we inventory items using Apex HeatlhTrak

On installation days, our specialists use Apex HealthTrak to inventory every item that comes from the warehouse. Our detailed reporting shows all of the POs, all of the products and their assigned room numbers, including the exact location where each item should be placed. Once we have placed everything where it is supposed to be, we use Apex HealthTrak to show the updates of the items in each room and take photographic records.

With Apex HealthTrak, you can rest assured that your transition will be meticulously managed, from inception to final placement. We have the knowledge, staff and tools to keep your valuable assets safe. Contact us to see how we can help with your next transition.

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