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Decommissions: Maximizing Resources And Revenue

Staff | 09/28/2021

When you expand or relocate your medical facility, it’s time to identify any excess inventory. As you compare existing and newly purchased items, the weeding-out process begins. Once you determine which equipment is no longer needed, you can sell it on the secondary market or reallocate it within your hospital network.

Decommissions have three pillars - the items in a facility, a timeline and a destination. You may need equipment to be reallocated to sister facilities in your network. Or you may need a clean sweep-out of a building that requires reselling and some materials going straight to waste and recycling. Whatever your needs are, we can help you execute your best-cost options.

Apex Health Services’ affiliation with the moving industry is a value-add during the decommission process. We can deliver your surplus equipment to multiple locations in the U.S. We can purchase your medical equipment utilizing our vetted network of resellers and equipment buyers. To complete the distribution, we manage the inventory, packing, hauling and delivery. 

Decommission can be a cumbersome process for your internal resources to manage. Apex Health Services provides seamless disposition of your medical equipment, helping you generate revenue for your organization.

  • Planning: We work with your staff to plan every aspect of your decommission process.
  • Consolidation: We gather all of the equipment on each floor so you can identify surplus items.
  • Inventory: Our proprietary software, Apex HealthTrak, manages your inventory and tracks each item for reallocation and disposition.
  • Relocation Transportation: We manage the packing, hauling and delivery of excess equipment for distribution.
  • Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback: We can purchase your surplus equipment and auction off so you can zero-out the cost of what you would pay to clear the building.

We pride ourselves in being a trusted partner in the decommission and distribution process. You can rely on us to safely handle sensitive medical equipment and deliver it to its next destination.

Like every phase of your transition, decommission requires expertise and detailed coordination. With Apex Health Services, you can have confidence that your transition is being managed and executed with precision. Contact us for a consultation at (615) 880-9921 or on our website.

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