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Giving Thanks In Challenging Times

Staff | 11/10/2021

We want to offer our thanks to our healthcare partners and our remarkable staff for adjusting to the complexity of healthcare transitions during the pandemic. 

Every aspect of healthcare transitions is impacted by Covid. Labor shortages impact equipment viability and construction timelines. It’s a trickle-down effect, whether it’s a shortage of manpower for late-stage construction or entering an environment where there are Covid patients. Our healthcare partners, their vendors and all of us at Apex Health Service have to work together and modify what we’ve done in the past. It requires a level of flexibility, integration and communication that our organization is really adept at. 

At Apex Health Services, we are the primary one-stop solution for healthcare transitions, from initial planning to decommission. We understand the pressures that our healthcare partners are under. It’s so gratifying to see their stress dissolve as they rely on us for the services they need, whether it’s relocating a hospital, taking care of their warehouse or designing a more efficient way to distribute their PPE.

We have different entry points with each client to meet their specific needs. Some have ongoing projects they need us to complete a portion of, such as decommissioning a hospital, auctioning surplus equipment, or reallocating and transporting it to their other hospitals within the system. We can be that one-stop solution and we can also fill in any gaps as needed to complete a project. 

Our clients and their contractors have unique pressure points, particularly during Covid. We know how to adapt and work with everyone to successfully navigate through their bottlenecks and move forward to completion. Our expertise in logistics and transportation have been particularly valuable to our clients with expedited delivery to replace defective medical equipment and PPE. When pandemic-related delays happen, we just flex. We get on the phone, rework everyone’s schedule and do the installation when the site is ready. It’s that flexibility and commitment to getting it done that our clients rely on. 

“At Apex, we want to let you know how proud we are to work with you. We know that this has been a challenging year for most families and companies. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.” - Chris Jones, CEO Apex Health Services

We understand the exceedingly difficult circumstances that our healthcare partners are dealing with during this pandemic. We admire you and appreciate your trust in us to make it all happen. Every day, we are grateful for our team's expertise, flexibility and determination. There is much to be grateful for, even during these challenging times. 

If you want support for any stage of a healthcare facility transition, contact us for a free consultation at (615) 880-9921 or on our website.

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