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As health systems age, they are updated and replaced when it is financially feasible. To deliver innovative patient care, facilities and physician groups transition to buildings that are outfitted with the latest technology and medical equipment.

Apex Health Services assists you as you expand and relocate your campuses. We are experts in medical facility transitions, managing every aspect, from initial planning to decommission and reallocation. We are the exclusive vendor for some of the largest hospital systems in the U. S.

As you move to new buildings and decommission old ones, the scope of these projects requires competent and experienced management. To minimize risk and downtime, every stage of your transition needs to be meticulously planned, coordinated and executed. Our specialist technicians handle your medical equipment with the skill of your own staff.

  • Relocation: Planning, Warehousing, Transportation and Move Services
  • Installation: Planning, Warehousing, Assembly and Placement
  • Decommission: Planning, Consolidation, Inventory, Relocation and Transportation
  • Healthcare Equipment Planning
  • Patient Transfer/EMS Service
  • Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback Services
  • Special Projects

When you decommission an existing building during relocation, you may want to reallocate surplus medical equipment to your other facilities, locally or throughout the U.S. We manage your inventory for reallocation or sale on the secondary market.

During every phase of your transition, Apex Health Services has the expertise, staffing and tools in place to uphold the highest safety and security standards.

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