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Healthcare Transition Planning - Getting It Right

Staff | 09/09/2021

When you expand or relocate medical facilities, everything needs to be done just right. As you move to new buildings and decommission old ones, the scope and complexity of these projects require expert handling of the entire transition process. To stay on time and on budget, every facet of your transition must be planned with precision.

Careful transition planning enables you to minimize risk and downtime, execute logistics flawlessly and safeguard your valuable assets. Drawing upon our planning and execution expertise, Apex Health Services can guide you through the entire process, from initial planning to decommission. Depending on the scope of your project, planning may begin as early as 18 months before anything actually moves.

First, our executive team meets with your key stakeholders to determine the full scope of your project, timeline and budget. Once we understand your needs and goals, we develop a Transition Plan and budget to meet them. When you approve the project, we hold onsite, pre-planning meetings with your internal resources and consultants to determine how we can supplement their skills and bandwidth for a successful transition. When we begin working together, we assign all related tasks and responsibilities to specific individuals, coordinating and tracking your project deliverables and timelines with our proprietary software.

Since 2009, Apex Health Services has been providing transition management services to some of the largest hospital networks in the U.S. We can provide this expertise for you, too. 


  • Relocation: Planning, Warehousing, Transportation and Move Services
  • Installation: Planning, Warehousing, Assembly and Placement
  • Decommission: Planning, Consolidation, Inventory and Relocation Transportation

Managing medical facility transitions is what we do. You can rely on our experience to educate you on the transition process and meet your goals for a successful move.

When it’s time to start planning your transition, Apex Health Services can help you manage all of the logistics of your transition. Whether you are adding a unit to an existing structure or relocating to a new facility across the nation, our transition planning process always begins with a consultation. Contact us at (615) 880-9921 or on our website.

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