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In Case You Missed It: Apex Health Services Is Now Helping Clients Respond In Real-time To Omicron Hotspots

Staff | 02/22/2022


Apex Health Services now offers warehousing and distribution to help healthcare systems coordinate emergency surge response for pandemic-related PPE and medical equipment. With their nationwide network of 400 vetted warehouses and transportation capabilities, they store supplies and equipment for hospital systems anywhere in the U.S. and deliver them to local hotspots as needed. Finding real-time solutions for healthcare facilities is what Apex Health Services does facilitating operations and the completion of transition projects.

Flexibility is an important credo at Apex Health Services. Their clients include healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, labs and micro-hospitals. The recent surge of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented major challenges for medical facilities in completing long-planned expansion and relocation projects. From a survey conducted on more than 300 facilities, 76 percent of respondents have delayed one or more construction projects due to COVID-19. As they attempt to move forward with these projects, Apex Health Services provides the flexibility and solutions they need to get past any roadblocks.

Every aspect of healthcare transitions is impacted by COVID-19. Labor shortages impact equipment viability and construction timelines. It’s a trickle-down effect, whether it’s a shortage of manpower for late-stage construction or entering an environment where there are COVID-19 patients. The team at Apex Health Services, their healthcare partners, and their vendors all have to work together and modify what they’ve done in the past. It requires a level of flexibility, integration and communication that Apex Health Services is really adept at. When pandemic-related delays happen, they just flex. They get on the phone, rework everyone’s schedule and do the installation when the site is ready. It’s that flexibility and commitment to getting it done that their clients appreciate and rely on.

This ability to flex and provide solutions for roadblocks comes from the very top. Chris Jones, CEO of Apex Health Services, has spearheaded this company to innovate and adapt as the needs and demands of their clients change. With a background as a marine, he believes in “esprit de corps.” It defines Apex Health Services relationships within the team and with clients. For every expansion and relocation project, the Apex team works closely with their healthcare partners and their vendors to execute every aspect of the job. In turn, their clients are able to trust that once the Apex Health Services team is onsite, the project will be successful.

Apex Health Services feels privileged to be a support system for their healthcare partners and to help them break through any pandemic-related roadblocks they encounter.

Additional information about Apex Health Services is available on their website.

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