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Assembly of Your Medical Equipment

When your new medical facility is ready for the installation of your equipment, each piece must be delivered to the correct room, intact. It’s important that skilled technicians make sure that every part is included and in working order to complete the assembly. Their skill and level of experience can impact your investment and the quality of patient care.  

The staff inspecting your equipment should know how each part works and be able to identify any that may be defective. Once a piece of medical equipment is fully assembled, it must be carefully tested to make sure that everything is working as designed.

When Apex Health Services is managing your hospital relocation, your assembly and installation are completed by our experienced specialist technicians. You can trust that when our technicians handle it, it’s as though it is being completed by your own skilled employees.

Your Owner Furnished/Owner Installed (OFOI) equipment is stored in your warehouse. We assemble these items at the warehouse and dispose of the cardboard. That way, we’re not introducing contaminants to your new facility. Then, we deliver and place each piece of equipment to the precise location designated in the installation plan.

Once your equipment has been installed in your new facility, we can move all of your existing equipment to complete your relocation. Apex Health Services has managed healthcare transitions for some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. With our breadth of experience, we can provide the safety, consistency and expertise you need for a successful relocation.

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