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Medical Equipment Installation and Placement

The location of equipment and supplies in patient rooms can impact care and safety. That’s why the room layout detailed in your installation plan should be strictly followed. When your medical equipment has been delivered and assembled, placement and installation are the next priorities. During this phase of a hospital relocation, accuracy and experience matter.

Room design and the placement of medical equipment take into account how rooms actually function. The comfort and movements of caregivers can reduce the risk of errors, so they are factored into your installation plan.
During installation planning, we work with your team to determine the exact placement of every piece of equipment to enhance usability and patient outcomes. When it’s time for items to be placed, our inventory and installation software, Apex HealthTrak, is our guide. It contains records of the POs, room numbers and the precise locations for every piece of equipment.

With Apex HealthTrak, we have the images of where every item is supposed to be placed. Our specialist technicians working on the installation have access to those images for reference. Once we’ve placed and installed everything where it’s designed to be, we use Apex HealthTrak to show updates of the items in each room and document them in photos. Then you have a complete record of your installation.

Since 2013, Apex Health Services has managed medical transitions for some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. You can have confidence in our ability to assist you with every aspect of your relocation.


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