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Technical Logistics: Providing Essential Services For The Digital World | 08/09/2021

Hi-tech equipment is most certainly not ‘plug and play’, indeed specialized white glove technicians are required to transport, install and set up highly technical equipment.

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One Marine’s Story

Staff | 06/30/2021

Committing 100%, fighting for our clients’ best interests, always doing our absolute best, and mastery of logistics are essential parts of the culture at Apex Health Services as we guide our customers through medical facility transitions. We can thank CEO Chris Jones and the Marines for that. 

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8 Skills Military Veterans Bring To The Workplace | 06/30/2021

Veterans add incredible value to the workplace. A former member of the armed forces has a unique and powerful skill set that can greatly benefit any company they work for!

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Planning A Hospital Move? Safeguard Your Valuable Assets

Staff | 05/28/2021

When you relocate medical facilities, everything needs to be done just right. To stay on time and budget, each facet of your transition has to be meticulously planned and orchestrated. We can help you minimize risk and downtime, execute logistics flawlessly, safeguard your valuable assets and ensure the continuity of patient care.

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Smooth Hospital Relocations Require Collaboration, Training And IT Planning

Wylie Wong | 05/28/2021

Parkland Health, Sanford Health and Oishei Children's Hospital prioritized IT deployments and moving day coordination to make settling into new facilities a breeze.

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