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Healthcare Transitions Require Precise Planning And Execution

Staff | 07/26/2022

When your medical facility relocates or you expand your facilities, Apex Health Services is trusted for our technical expertise and precise management of the entire process.

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In Case You Missed It: Apex Health Services Is Now Helping Clients Respond In Real-time To Omicron Hotspots

Staff | 02/22/2022

Quality leadership, flexibility and innovation enable Apex Health Services to help our healthcare partners get through intensifying pandemic roadblocks.

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Many Haven't Rescheduled Healthcare Delayed By COVID-19 Pandemic

HealthDay News | 02/22/2022

Of the more than 1,000 adults aged 50 and older who were surveyed online or by phone in late January, 14% said they had postponed, rescheduled or canceled a procedure, operation or test in the past year, and another 8% said their provider had done so.

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Planning For A Productive 2022

Staff | 01/06/2022

We’re here to support your healthcare facility expansion and relocation efforts in 2022.

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5 Critical Priorities For The U.S. Health Care System

Marc Harrison | 01/06/2022

The pandemic has starkly revealed the many shortcomings of the U.S. health care system — as well as the changes that must be implemented to make care more affordable, improve access, and do a better job of keeping people healthy.

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