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Planning A Hospital Move? Safeguard Your Valuable Assets

Staff | 05/28/2021

When you relocate medical facilities, everything needs to be done just right. As you move to new buildings and decommission old ones, the scope and complexity of these projects require competence and experienced handling of the entire transition process. To stay on time and budget, every facet of your transition has to be meticulously planned and orchestrated. 

Apex Health Services is trusted for our technical expertise and precise management of the entire process. We have been providing relocation services for some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. since 2009. Drawing upon our planning and logistics expertise, we can guide you through the entire process, from initial planning to decommission and distribution. 

We work with your hospital staff, department directors, and consultants, communicating on a weekly basis to highlight areas that need attention. It’s difficult for you and your staff to plan and manage each facet of your transition, so you can rely on our experience to meet your goals for a successful move.

  • Relocation: Planning, Warehousing, Transportation and Move Services
  • Installation: Planning, Warehousing, Assembly, and Placement
  • Decommission: Planning, Consolidation, Inventory and Relocation Transportation

We have the knowledge, staffing, and tools in place to keep your equipment safe. Using our network of vetted warehouses, all of your valuable assets can be stored safely until your new facility is ready. We manage the entire process with Apex HealthTrak, our proprietary, cloud-based warehouse and inventory system that provides peace of mind with a strict chain of custody and 24/7 remote monitoring. 

With Apex Health Services, you can minimize risk and downtime, execute logistics flawlessly, safeguard your valuable assets, ensure the continuity of patient care and stay on budget. That’s significant value added to your relocation project! 

Managing medical facility transitions is what we do. Whether you are moving locally or across the U.S., every relocation project begins with a consultation and a detailed plan. Contact us at (615) 880-9921 or visit our website to learn more.

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