Designed to Simplify Your Move!

From Scope Mapping to Transition Planning to Move Management (and more) Apex Health Services partners with you to make your healthcare move smart and efficient.

Scope Mapping

Apex Health Services will lead an interactive brainstorming meeting with the principal players to review your project and timelines. We will make sure that all related tasks are assigned to specific individuals, whether it’s hospital team members or an outsourced consultant. When it comes to healthcare transition planning – we cross our T’s and dot our I’s.

Equipment Planning

Apex Health Services will assist in equipment planning – this includes evaluating your current equipment, along with identifying the right equipment to meet your budget and overall standards. We’ll conduct meetings to review the benefits and trade-offs of buying new equipment and/or using existing equipment. Our clinical background enables us to make recommendations for the equipment planning and purchasing process.

Owner Furnished / Owner Installed Equipment Installation

Apex Health Services offers management services for the receipt, inventory, assembly, asset tagging, placement, and installation of all the new assets that arrive to be outfitted in your new location. Apex Health Services can coordinate warehousing at a convenient storage facility until your new site is ready to be set up. We manage the entire process through Apex HealthTrak, our propriety software, which is a cloud-based warehouse inventory and installation documentation system that provides photographs and signatures. Once your new place is prepared, we will deliver the items to the area and install them where applicable. By allowing Apex Health Services to manage this process, you will be assured everything is properly outfitted before it becomes fully operational.

Activation Planning

Apex Health Services will work with your team to develop a detailed plan that makes for a smooth transition from a construction project to a fully operational health care facility.

We’ll develop a detailed logistical plan that includes and integrates environmental services, facility maintenance, new equipment, and furniture installation, materials management and logistics, biomedical engineering, information technology (IT), operational readiness simulations, emergency preparedness, orientation and training, communication and public relations.

Move Management

Apex Health Services will make sure that your move is as efficient as possible. We will conduct walk-throughs of the current space and new space so that all vendors, staff, movers, security, and other key people are aware of the egress and ingress points, process flows, etc.

As for assembly and installation, we have preferred strategic partners who can handle anything from modular furniture to TVs, to shelving. With Apex Health Services, you can sit back and prepare for the upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Hospital Relocation

When it comes to moving your facility, it has to be done in a manner that mitigates risks, minimizes downtime, and maintains patient focus. It’s a complicated process that requires special skills. Apex Health Services has the experience to handle all of this efficiently. Apex can advise you on any or all aspects of your move to ensure your facility is prepared to provide the highest level of care to patients during a time of transition and change. We’ll work with your staff to make the right decisions to ensure a smooth, precise, efficient transition into your new facility.

Disposition Planning

Apex Health Services will create a strategic disposition plan, manage it for you, then gather necessary documentation for PR efforts and tax benefits.

Change Preparation

We will work with your team to alleviate the stress (as much as possible) that comes with change. And we continue to work with your staff at the most critical time: the post-move.

Integrated Services

Apex Health Services does the heavy lifting. Our service teams are highly experienced, background-checked, and HIPAA-compliant. Our experience working through logistical challenges helps us to strategically schedule access points, plan for redundancies, and minimize hand-offs through LEAN process principles.


Apex Health Services develops the plan and schedule for each phase of your transition. We meet with the hospital team members involved in the transition to make certain all considerations and requirements are properly addressed and handled. We'll be your 'partner' in your transition by conducting on-site staff meetings involved in your relocation and become completely familiar with your facility. We'll develop a relocation plan that will provide for an efficient transition.

Budget Planning

We will work closely with your staff to develop a relocation budget that fits your needs.

Risk Management

We’ll develop a plan that minimizes operational and patient risks.

Move Planning and Schedules

We will incorporate any and all clinical concerns and work to develop a plan and schedule that works best with your facility.

Creation of a Do-Not-Move-List

We will assist your team in developing a departmental ” Do-Not-Move-List” that can help in the relocation process.

Transferable Equipment Plan

We will assist in developing a list of equipment to move, and material that is not needed and that should be disposed of. We will uninstall, relocate, and reinstall equipment to be transferred in the hospital.