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Special Projects


Every move is unique and presents a distinct set of challenges. Over the years, Apex Health Services has managed medical facility transitions for some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. We know how to plan and execute every aspect of relocation, so we can customize our services to meet your precise needs. For special projects, we enjoy providing peace of mind as we take care of every detail.

Micro Hospitals

When micro hospitals open, all of your equipment is sent to the warehouse. Before delivery day, we build the shelving, put the bins together, stock all of the supplies in the bins and shrink wrap them, so everything is ready to deliver to your new facility. You can rely on us to assemble, install and mount your equipment, put the shelves up and stock them, so you can care for patients as soon you’re staffed and ready to open the doors.

White Glove Service 

We offer complete, turn-key solutions for healthcare facilities that are relocating. We deliver your equipment from the warehouse, and our specialist technicians assemble, install and place it in your rooms and labs. Then, we stock the shelves and mount everything on the walls so your rooms are fully equipped to treat patients, including: TVs and mounts, hand-sanitizer sets, soap dispensers, paper towel holders and white boards.

Equipment Reallocation

When hospitals close, other facilities in your system may need the equipment. So rather than selling it, we assist hospital groups by uninstalling, packing and hauling the existing equipment and distributing it throughout your hospital network. We pull the items on the list for each facility, assign the trucks and deliver it to all of your selected locations in the U.S. Our proprietary software, Apex HealthTrak,  manages all of the inventory, providing chain of custody and photographic documentation.

Patient Transfer/EMS Services 

When a hospital relocation is complete and you are ready to transfer patients, we coordinate with the ambulances and EMS crews for your patient moves. We provide “a hot truck”—when critical equipment is needed, we put it on the truck and deliver it right away.

With our deep experience and expertise, Apex Health Services can meet any special needs you have.


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