Apex Technology


With Apex HealthTrak your transition stays right on track

Apex HealthTrak offers total visibility for the chain-of-custody of all OFOI at any time, in any place - view it on a phone, tablet, or desktop. Apex HealthTrak is entirely customizable to your needs and preferences, and it provides simple project metrics that help measure and monitor the health of your project. Apex HealthTrak, our propriety software, has established Apex Health Services as a leader in healthcare transition services and puts us at the forefront of medical equipment installation. Apex HealthTrak allows for a paperless cloud-based warehouse inventory system and installation documentation with photographs and signatures.
Infection Control Initiatives

Apex Health Services is an environmentally friendly company. Our infectious control initiatives include using plastic, reusable relocation gondolas and tote bins, rather than cardboard boxes. The sanitized bins we use are made of recycled plastic and are capable of being sterilized over and over. Our gondolas have clear, reusable covers, virtually eliminating the need for shrink wrap. Our infectious control initiatives are not only good for the environment, but they also save money for our valued clients.